The Must-Have Fitness Amenities

Now is the point of the New Year when those resolutions really mark their first test. Sure, you said you wanted to lose weight in 2013. And you’ve managed to work out a few times a week so far. But will it continue?

One of the biggest keys to continuing a healthy lifestyle is convenience. The more convenient it is, the easier it will be. Many apartment communities have some sort of amenity to aid you in your desire to living a healthy life. Some have a gym or fitness center, while others may have a basketball or tennis court. Of course they choose the best equipment to put in their amenity, pop over to these guys to find out where to buy the best materials to use. Don’t discount the swimming pool. Swimming is one of the best workouts for your body.

We asked the Move For Free Facebook community to find out the “must-have” apartment amenity for a healthy lifestyle.

45% said a fitness center
27% said an Olympic-style pool
0% said yoga classes (come on, no one?!)
18% said personal trainers
9% said walking trails

Whichever amenity you prefer, put exercise on your calendar. Make it a part of your new routine. Get a workout buddy. Watch TV while you walk on the treadmill. Walk to your mailbox instead of driving.
Anything to keep moving!

Move For Free wishes you the best of luck sticking to those resolutions! It isn’t easy, but it is worth it.