The Testimonial Letter

In the age of email, Facebook and Twitter, the hand-mailed letter has gotten lost along the way. Getting a letter now shows that the person who sent it really took the time and energy to tell you something important. Move For Free received a letter in the mail from a very satisfied customer. It meant a lot to us that Jordan took the time to type, print, get an envelope, get a stamp and mail this letter to us.

Jordan told us she was relocating from Houston to Dallas and said Move For Free was there for her every step of the way. In fact, she said, “I was far less stressed during this move than any other time in my moving history.”

Now without further ado here is Jordan’s testimonial letter.

My name is Jordan L., and I just finished my move yesterday into my new place. I have to say, this experience is the best I ever had. I do not compliment often for the mere fact that customer service has, in my opinion, severely declined over the past years. However, this experience is one that I am unable to over look with regards to giving recognition.

I should have prefaced the first of this letter by saying that I am a manager in a service-oriented industry and understand the true outcomes that good, quality customer service can have on a business. The associates that I was fortunate enough to become assigned to are phenomenal at their job an at giving quality customer service.

I will have to admit that I was a bit skeptical of the business model and how it was feasible to operate successfully, but after everything (and everyone) working like clock work to satisfy me (the customer), I am truly dumbfounded by all I received.

During a move, it is obviously a stressful time for anyone. Had it not been for the follow up and constant attention to detail by the representatives that I was assigned to, I would have had major issues in my ability to get the move completed. Not only were the associates there beforehand, they were also there during the move as well. I was moving from Houston to Dallas and got a late start after the first movers arrived and your team was able to work with the movers to have my window of arrival pushed back to accommodate me and my tardiness- this is something I would have never thought to be possible.

I am truly amazed at the overall outcome of this moving endeavor. and it not been for your company employing great people, I don’t know that I would been in the great spot that I am currently enduring. I cannot say thank you enough for the quality work and dedication your associates have put in to making this a satisfying experience for me.

I have already begun to solicit others to use your site. This is an experience that I will tell to anyone and everyone I know who is looking to move in the near future. Your associates have taken me from a pessimist to an optimist in a short amount of time, and that is something I cannot say very often about customer service.

Again, thank you for existing and having such great and talented people helping your customers, it will truly pay dividends in your growing future. I wish your company the best of luck in your endeavor to grow, I hope to one day utilize your services again.

Thank you so much Jordan for sending us this wonderful letter!

If you would like to send us a testimonial we love them in all forms: letters, Google reviews, emails, phone calls or Facebook/Twitter. Don’t forget if you would like to take some pictures or video during your move, just swing on by the Move For Free Facebook page and post them on up. We love to hear from our customers and how they are doing in their new apartments.