Top Scents of Summer

A simple scent can be a powerful memory trigger. When you recognize the memories linked to certain scents, you can call up those good feelings again and again. Some of my favorite memories, from childhood and today, took place during the summer. When swapping out my winter decorations for spring and summer style, I make sure to snag some scents that will put a smile on my face. Move For Free‘s top four scents for summer are as follows.


One of my favorite ways to create a summer smell is with live Jasmine. They look gorgeous potted on my balcony and smell fantastic wafting in on a summer breeze. Whether I’m enjoying a good book or a glass of wine with friends, it’s an easy and decorative way to enjoy one of my favorite summer scents.

The Beach

Kramer was onto something big, you guys. When visiting family in San Diego, one of the first things I do is close my eyes and breathe in that glorious beach smell. Just one whiff of the pleasant mix of salty water and palm trees makes me want to throw on a sundress, floppy hat and comfy sandals for a relaxing day outdoors. Yankee Candles offers two great scents, Beach Walk and Beachwood. Beachwood walks a perfect line between salty and woodsy, while Beach Walk has all the salty sweetness of a warm summer day. I gladly burn both of these year round, with Beachwood as my favorite for the cooler months.


I absolutely adore the smell of lemons and oranges. It makes me think of freshly squeezed lemonade and orange juice at a summer brunch. To keep my kitchen smelling like summer, I use a trick my mom taught me. Select your favorite citrus fruit, herb and natural extract, then bring to a simmer in a pot of water. I never get tired of the combination of lemon, rosemary and vanilla. Their scents combine to make your kitchen and surrounding rooms smell like a blooming summer garden.


You don’t have to love eating coconut to enjoy its delicious fragrance. My favorite place for a little coconut scent is in the bathroom. As I get ready in the morning, the fresh smell of coconut helps to wake me up and mentally prepare for a fun summer day. My favorite shampoos, sunscreens and body mists for summer all feature a coconut scent. The easy way that I add some coconut to my bathroom or bedroom is with a quick spritz of Crabtree & Evelyn’s India Hicks Island Living Room Fragrance.

I hope you’ll give one (or all) of these a try at your own apartment! Which smells bring you back to your favorite sunny memories? How do you treat your nose to the fine scents of summer?