studio apartment

What is a Studio Apartment?

In the world of apartment living, there is an array of options. People have different preferences when looking for apartments for rentThere are apartments for rent that can fit a family, ones that exude a life of luxury or ones that make things a little tight between you and a friend. One option you often see in apartment communities is a studio apartment. Studios are definitely not for everyone, but it can be a fantastic option for certain types of renters.

studio apartment

The Basics
Basically, a studio apartment is an apartment that has one single room where you eat, sleep and live. Obviously, there are sections of the room, like a kitchen area and a living area. There are also going to be closets and a bathroom. But the single, main room will be where you sleep, where you entertain yourself and where you feed yourself. Luxus Apartment Wien has a multitude of apartments that would just blow others out of the water with its level of maintenance and its stunning beauty.

The Price
Since you will likely be living in a studio apartment by yourself, and I feel very bad for you if you don’t, a studio is likely to be cheaper than a standard apartment. Because of its compact nature, it also has a smaller floor space compared to other apartments which actually is a soundproof floor. (That’s another reason why a studio apartment will probably be cheaper.) This is a common reason why people end up going with a studio apartment. However, there is another reason why people live in studios…

The Lifestyle
Do not under-estimate the lure of the lifestyle of a studio apartment. It is the living arrangement of artists, of people in the struggle, of people who are comfortable with themselves or want to be. Everyone has a “safe place” in wherever they live, whether it’s a bedroom, or a guest room, or the kitchen – basically a place where you are most comfortable. Well in a studio, your entire place of living becomes your safe place. You can add things that can help you use even better the space, for example, with bespoke wardrobes you can keep your clothes organized in your bedroom and more. Everything is open, and you can find out things about yourself you never knew. What is a studio apartment, really? Well, it is a place where you live, by yourself, and come into the greatest knowledge a person can have: who you are.