What To Do About a Rude Apartment Neighbor?

From having to abide with the rules and regulations of the property, to placing work orders and dealing with maintenance, living in an apartment community comes with a variety of experiences and responsibilities. The community-style living offers the opportunity of being surrounded by other tenants of all sorts. For some, this can be exciting and seen as a chance to make new acquaintances and network. But, for others, it can be the complete opposite and even become a living nightmare. The assortment of people living close together can either create friendships or forge enemies out of neighbors. While you may have full control over your own actions on how to be a good neighbor, there is little that can be done for another’s – and sometimes rude neighbors are inevitable. Here are a few tips to handle those situations.

Try to make friends as early as possible. Upon moving in, try to get a feel for your new neighbor. You want to start off on the right foot but also shouldn’t be phony or have to walk on egg shells in your new place. If you are already a few months in and having to deal with a rude neighbor, tackle the situation with kindness.

When initially having to deal with neighbor problems, try to stay calm and understanding. Rather than being passive aggressive or seeking revenge, go straight to the source. If this is your first time confronting your neighbor, introduce yourself and explain the problem. Do not go looking for a fight. Exchange contact information so that if the problem is reoccurring you can communicate directly and avoid having to get anyone else involved.

Dirty neighbor? While you can’t necessarily make your neighbor clean, you can attempt to guilt them into it. If they are always leaving trash outside their door, throw it away. The embarrassment of having to have someone else take care of their responsibilities might get them moving. Tidy up your own patio space in hopes to inspire a movement. No one wants to have the ONE eyesore surrounded by nice patios thanks to the professionals,  they install patio covers in Arizona.

Instead of banging on walls and ceilings, always try to contact your neighbor first. If the problem continues, attempt to make some changes in your own apartment to deal with the noise. Parking spaces constantly being jacked? If you’ve already tried to communicate the problem, look into reserved spots offered by the apartment complex.

If civil communication cannot answer your problems, move on to contacting the edmonton property management. The brightest side of living in an apartment for rent is leases eventually end. At least you tried.