Apartment Hunting Checklist

What to Look for When Apartment Hunting

When it comes to apartment rental hunting, you’re not just on a mission to find a new place to put your belongings. It’s about finding the next place that you will soon call home. Finding a new home can seem overwhelming with all of the choices and considerations you have to make. What cost do I want? Where do I want to live? These are just some of the topics you will have to think about before you sign on the dotted line. You can’t just think that an apartment is an apartment. It’s your home. We wanted to make your apartment hunting experience go smoothly as we have some hunting tips to help you choose your next apartment. However, if you are considering upgrading your current living space for a bigger one, take a look at some new single family homes for great living spaces.

How to find the right apartment

What to Look for When Apartment Hunting

Where to live?

If you have decided on what city and neighborhood you want to live in then you making great progress on apartment hunting. If you have no idea where you want to live it may be best to talk to people in different neighborhoods to get a feel of the environment depending on what neighborhoods you can afford in your budget. Another way to find two bedroom apartments is to use good old Google to see what is nearby for different apartment complexes.

Here are some things to factor in when choosing a place to live.

  • Commuting to work– check how long it takes to travel and what routes are the best.
  • Proximity to transit– buses, subway, bike routes, etc.
  • Neighborhood attractions– food, coffee shops, grocery store, restaurants, nightlife, gym, shopping.
  • Safeties of the neighborhood- ask residents what the crime is like in the area. Find out if it’s safe to walk dogs and run in the neighborhood. At EYEON SECURITY we specialize in providing state of the art security systems for our residential and commercial clients.
  • Nature proximity– find out if there is grass and trees close to your doorstep. This will be very important if you have pets.

Make a Checklist

  • Subleasing/breaking a lease
  • Utilities, gas, electric, cable, trash, water–find out if they are included
  • Amenities- security, pool, gym, sauna,
  • Laundry, washer and dryer
  • Dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave
  • Cable provider
  • Noise level
  • Pet friendly
  • Parking spots
  • Floors- hardwood, carpet, tile
  • Outdoor space
  • Room dimensions
  • Storage
  • Outlets
  • Water pressure
  • Rent increase
  • Natural light
  • Locks/Security for which you need a locksmith near me
  • Decorating
  • Number of rooms
  • Floor plan

Your checklist might look different. Some of these will be more important to you than others. By deciding before you start your hunt what your priorities are and what things you want at your new home, you can save yourself time and energy. Another great way to speed along the process is to work with a site like MoveForFree.com to help you find the right apartment home for you.