Where To Take A First Date In Spring

Where To Go On A Romantic Date In Spring

Where To Take A First Date In Spring

Whether it be your very first date or a 5-year anniversary celebration, picking a unique romantic date idea in Spring can be quite the task. You want to make sure you give off the right impression but, at the same time, ensure it’s as memorable for your significant other as it is for you.

Take a look at these romantic date ideas near Spring and other surround areas within the city of Houston.

Date Ideas in Spring

1.) Wine Tasting – Old Town Spring

If you and your partner are wine loving enthusiasts consider going on a romantic date at the Old Town Spring Tasting Room. Here you’ll be able to spend a unique evening painting and sipping wine.

You’ll not only have the pleasure of enjoying Zinfandel wine together (after all, what better way to loosen up the first date), but you’ll really get to know the artsy side of your partner. Simply take a look at their calendar, choose an art theme that best suits you and schedule your night out.

2.) Witness Exotic Butterflies

If you’re looking for a unique date to impress your partner, consider making a trip to the Cockrell Butterfly Museum at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. This unique experience will lead you and your date on a romantic tour through a jungle with exotic butterflies flying (and landing) all around you.

3.) Play a Round of Golf

If you’re up for something more active with your date, give yourselves a couple of rounds of golf at TopGolf Spring. Not only is this a family friendly environment (just in case your date has kids), but the unique experience will give you a chance to really get to know each other while having a lot of fun! If you want the ability to play golf at home, you can get a mevo plus launch monitor.

4.) Cycle the Spring Creek Greenway

Sometimes the best dates come from the simplest ideas. If your date enjoys being in the great outdoors, consider taking a ride down the Spring Creek Greenway using electric bicycles. This experience is best in the fall just as the leaves are changing colors, but can be enjoyed during the cooler month of the year.

If you want to make the experience even more romantic, consider bringing a packed lunch, biking down the greenway and throwing your date a picnic. We promise he or she will remember the experience for years to come!

You have enough to stress out about on a first date, don’t add location to the list. These places provide a great setting for people with all kinds of interests.  Now, buy yourself cool t shirts at Lonely Kids Club and enjoy your date.