Frequently Asked Questions

Below on this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions and solutions to many common problems.

Q. What is Moveforfree, and, why should I use Moveforfree?

A. Moveforfree is an Apartment Locating Company. Moveforfree is the first apartment locator to offer a free move for Expand

Q. Is Moveforfree a moving company?

A. No. Moveforfree is not a moving company. Moveforfree is an Apartment Locating Company.

Q. How do I qualify for the free move?

A. Let Moveforfree find you an apartment and list Moveforfree as your Locator. Expand

Q. Do all apartments on qualify for the FREE MOVE or Rebate?

A. No. strives to find you the best apartment at the best price with the best amenities Expand

Q. How do I get started?

A. Register with at and a locator will contact you.

Q. What is a Guest Card?

A. A Guest Card is used by Apartment staff to gather client information on your initial visit Expand

Q. What is a Lease Application?

A. A Lease Application is completed and submitted by a prospective renter if they would like to be considered eligible to Expand

Q. What are some of the common reasons for NOT qualifying for the free move or cash voucher?

A.1. Moveforfree was not listed guest card and/or lease application. Expand

Q. What is a Rebate and when is it paid?

A. Rebates, checks, are sent to qualifying customers once Moveforfree receives payment from the new Expand

Q. When I enter my search criteria and submit how come there are no apartment communities returned?

A. Please contact your Moveforfree Locator for assistance.

Q. Are the prices listed on the price we should expect to pay for the apartment?

A. The pricing changes daily in some instances and the posted pricing is not guaranteed. The apartment community will Expand

Q. If I have used Moveforfree in the past can I still use your services?

A. Yes, as long as you qualify, you can use services indefinitely.

Q. Can move me within the same property?

A. No, this is considered an on-site transfer, unless the apartment community agrees to pay for your move/referral. If Expand

Q. Does the free move affect the specials that an apartment community offers?

A. No,'s services do not affect apartment community specials. This is a Fair Housing and Truth in Expand

Q. How do I schedule my move once my lease application has been approved at the apartment community?

A. Call your Moveforfree locator or visit, login and click on "Schedule My Move" to submit your Expand

Q. Can move me from a storage unit (house, etc.) to my new apartment?

A. Yes, if you qualify for the free move, can move you from any location including storage, house, Expand

Q. What if I am moving from city to another city hours away?

A. If you qualify for the service there are three scenarios. First, if you are moving from a city Moveforfree services to a Expand

Q. How much notice does Moveforfree need on move requests?

A. Moveforfree requests a 2-week notice on move requests. Moveforfree cannot guarantee any move requests with Expand

Q. When is my date and time of my move confirmed? When do I have a guaranteed date & time?

A. With our new Online Move Scheduling process, move dates and times are scheduled based on availability at the time Expand

Q. What if I am moving into an apartment with a roommate who is moving from a different address, do we both get a free move?

A. Yes, however, there is only one free pickup location. Additional charges that apply include the extra pickup location Expand