How Does It Work

The real questions you want answered are: “What is the catch?”; “Is this too good to be true”; “If it’s FREE, how does Move For Free get paid?” and “How do I qualify?” is an Apartment Locating Company that offers free apartment finding. Move For Free is not a moving company. The company earns a commission when we help (refer) a client find an apartment and that client indicates that Move For Free sent them (referred them), and, the client signs a lease and moves into the apartment community. Apartment communities complete a digital Guest Card on the initial visit for each person that visits the apartment. There is a section on the Guest Card for the locator to be listed which is completed by the apartment leasing staff; it is the clients responsibility to make sure the leasing office staff specifically types in Additionally, when our client completes an application at an apartment community whether online or in writing, they must list and their Move For Free locator’s name in the section “Name, address and phone number of locating company” found on page 8 of 8 on the bottom left on the standard Texas Apartment Association lease contract.

Apartment Communities pay Move For Free a referral commission based on a real estate transaction (giving a client real property information on the apartment that leads them to lease). Referral commissions can only be paid to Licensed Real Estate Companies and is licensed by the Real Estate Commission.

Once we receive verification from the new apartment community that they will pay for referring the renter, then, the customer qualifies for a free local move or a rebate (conditions and restrictions apply see the FAQ’s and Terms and Conditions). If the apartment’s commission falls below the minimum required for the free move or rebate, will offer less free moving or a reduced rebates to a client moving to an apartment that doesn’t meet the minimum guidelines. Our moving companies require a move time minimum of 2 1/2 hours and customers qualifying for less free hours will pay the difference (ex. if you qualify for 1 1/2 hours free, then, you pay for 1 hour to meet minimum 2 1/2 hours). By using, you understand the consequences of the aforementioned guidelines.

If a customer qualifies for free moving, Move For Free then makes arrangements with a Moving Company for the client to be moved. Move For Free only contracts with moving companies who meet our qualifications as well as those that are properly insured and registered with the Department of Transportation or Department of Motor Vehicles.

If a customer requests a rebate, then, Move For Free will send out a check to the client once Move For Free receives payment from the Apartment Community. This can take anywhere from 30 to 90+ days depending on when the Apartment Community pays the referral commission. Some communities wait to pay referral commissions until a client has paid 3 full months of rent.

In order to qualify for our services, you must have registered with prior to visiting any apartments and Move For Free must help you find your new apartment. Move For Free must be able to register you as our customer (referral) with apartment communities prior to you visiting the apartment. If you visit an apartment community prior to registering with or prior to Move For Free pre-registering you at an apartment community, then, you will not qualify for the free move or cash voucher.

Referral Program

Anyone who refers a client to Move For Free that we help find an apartment, will be sent a $25 Gift Card of their choice (as long as it can be easily purchased online) upon Move For Free receiving payment. There is not a limit to the number of gift cards one can receive.